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Membership with State Association, Oregon Rental Housing Association: Through ORHA, members have an effective voice in the Oregon Legislature, can influence legislation, retain a rental housing lobbyist, and stay informed on political issues affecting the industry.

Oregon Rentals Forms: We have over 50 ORHA user friendly forms available that are proven effective in court and are updated every time the law changes.

Forms Manual (Instructional): Used to help you know what form to use, when to use and step by step instructions on how to fill out forms. Available at a discounted rate.

Landlord/Tenant Law Book (Oregon Statutes): This Law Book is written in terms we can understrand and includes examples of situations. Available at a discounted rate.

Continuing Education: CEC Programs for Real Estate Professionals which include Laws and Rules Required Course (LARRC).

Education: When the law changes or there's new information for you, LBRHA provides Local Training. We hold regular Training Seminars to help new landlords learn what it takes to succeed, and are great refreshers for old hands.

Newsletters: Helpful hints and relevant articles to keep you current on what is going on in the rental business. Links to businesses, organizations, and resources.

Networking: Opportunities to learn from others and share experiences with local property managers and other industry leaders.

Help Line Service: You are not alone. Members can call if they have problems with their rentals and we will help you get on the road to solve your problems with to the point and knowledgeable help through our Local and State Help Line.

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